Inspired by women’s strength and elegance, we bring you sophisticated 18k Italian gold jewellery in versatile designs to define your everyday look. Made for the wondrous woman out there, who is so much more than just the first impression.

Experience your own Elara

New Project (48)

When world is right around
at snap of your finger

Whispers of success are louder
than small talks

New Project (46)
New Project (47)

A little shine around your neck
can make you rise through your heart

Showcase the strength
of your hold

New Project (49)

Brunch to Boardroom

She is spot on with her deadline & is always on the go.
Twinkles, in her earrings and glitter on her bracelet, keep the show running.
Whether it’s about closing deals at the boardroom, meeting deadlines in the kitchen or being “The Host” at weekend parties, her versatile everyday jewellery
has her shining all the events and each vibe!
And why wouldn’t it be so,
she is her own Elara – a rare find!

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